Postal worker praised as ‘hero’ for helping man who cut himself with chainsaw in California


He’s much more than an “essential” worker.

A California mail carrier is being credited with helping save a man’s life after using his belt to stop the bleeding on the man’s arm following a chainsaw accident last week.

The U.S. Postal Service employee, Fernando Garcia, was on his daily route in the Los Angeles suburb of Norwalk on Friday when he heard a family screaming for help. He looked closer and saw a man holding his arm while “covered in blood,” Garcia told local news station KCAL.

After learning the man had accidentally cut himself with a chainsaw, the quick-thinking postal worker decided to take action before an ambulance arrived. He took off his own belt and used it as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding.

Garcia said he looped the belt through the hole, put it around the man’s arm and just wrapped it up.

“And held it there as best as I could,” he told the CBS affiliate.

The unidentified man was taken to the hospital and was expected to be OK, according to his family.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department shared a photo of Garcia on Twitter with the caption, “EVERY DAY HERO.” The agency’s Norwalk Station also noted that the patient had a good prognosis because of Garcia’s actions.

The mail carrier said he got the improvised tourniquet idea from watching movies.