4-Year-Old Starts Making Christmas Care Packages For Children In Need After Having Bad Dream


A 4-year-old girl in Cornwall, England, has begun to collect Christmas presents for children in need after she had a bad dream about kids having no presents to open on Christmas morning.

Pippa Jackson has set a goal of 200 packages for children who otherwise would go without during the holiday season.

The 4-year-old is making the presents herself, which include various goodies such as hats, scarves, and coloring pencils.

Pippa’s mother, Kadie Jackson, is helping her with the project.

“Pippa is currently making Christmas parcels, by receiving donations, and next week we will be making decorations as well,” Jackson said. “[The decorations] are to sell, and all the money that she raises will go towards buying presents for deprived children.”

The care packages will also be separated into age groups and boys and girls.

Jackson confirmed that her daughter was encouraged to start the project after having “a dream that some children wouldn’t be able to open presents on Christmas Day and she wanted to help.”

“She wants to help anyone in need, we’re going to go to some women’s shelters, orphanages, that sort of thing – anywhere we can to find children to help,” Jackson said.

“We’re hoping to make 200 – that’s what Pippa said, I’ve got my work cut out for me.”